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Fire safety and mezzanine floors

1st February 2022
Fire safety and mezzanine floors

When it comes to mezzanine floors, we know all too well the myriad of benefits it can bring to a business – from storage solutions in the warehouse to an extra floor in your office. However, in order to benefit from the extra space, there are fire regulations that need to be followed to a T – this way, the safety of all personnel is ensured.

The scope of protection needed depends on the usage of the mezzanine floor, as their adaptable and multi-faceted nature means their effectiveness can be harnessed in many different ways.

Read on to find out more about how we protect our mezzanine floors, and how you can ensure that your workforce is protected – as well as how to go about securing our services.

What are the fire safety regulations for mezzanine floors?

As mentioned previously, fire safety regulations for mezzanine floors depend on a number of factors, including the presence of people, the size of the installation and the size of the installation in relation to the entire space.

When the mezzanine floor meets any of the following criteria, 60-minute protection is required as a minimum. Make sure to remember the following factors ahead of your mezzanine floor installation. Protection is required wherever:

  • The floor is used for something other than storage, where people are permanently employed
  • If it measures more than 20m in any direction, or 400sqm in total
  • When it exceeds 50% or more of the available space in which it is installed

Methods of fire securing mezzanine floors

There are four main methods of ensuring that your mezzanine floors are fire secure:

  • Column casings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Bulkheads and facias
  • Cavity barriers

Each method of fire-securing your mezzanine floors provides a different weapon to defend against fire should it arise on your premises. At First Floors, we stock a wide range of options that will be sure to meet your fire-safety requirements.

Our suspended ceilings provide another layer of protection with fire-resistant tiling – depending on the level of fire resistance required, different tiling options are available.

Meanwhile, our cavity barriers provide vertical barriers that ensure that smoke and flames don’t breach the gap between the ceiling and the underside of the mezzanine floor –this is required if the floor exceeds 20m in length.

Fire resistance installations

Where there are any open edges around stairs and loading areas, we offer fire-safe facias that can be offered in a variety of materials and colour coded to match your existing space.

Choose First Floors for your bespoke, fire-secure, premium mezzanine floor solutions

If you’d like to find out more about mezzanine floors, the related fire safety requirements or anything else that we cover at First Floors, you can get in contact with our friendly team today – on 01789 764172.

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