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Mezzanine Fire Protection

In most cases mezzanine floors and platforms used for storage purposes only will not require fire protection.

However, if the platform is considered to be of sufficient size to form an additional storey, or is to be used for offices, workrooms, or any use where people are working on the platform on a continuous basis, it is likely to be a requirement of Building regulations to provide a 60-minute fire protection to the underside.

Fire Protection

A mezzanine floor will need to be fire rated under the following circumstances:

  • Mezzanine floor is being used for any other purpose besides storage, where people are permanently employed, such as office space.
  • Mezzanine floor is greater than 20 metres in each direction.
  • Mezzanine floor exceeds 50% or more of the floor area of the space into which it is installed.
  • Size of the mezzanine floor exceeds 400 sq.m.

A simple storage only mezzanine floor can be installed without fire protection as long as the dimensions as it does not exceed 20m in length or width and it does not exceed more than 50% or more of the floor area of the space into which it is installed.

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The most common method of protecting mezzanine floors against fire is using the following insulating methods:

  • Fire ProtectionColumn casings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Bulkhead and fascias
  • Cavity barriers

We specialise in suspended ceilings and can supply and install the fire rated suspended ceiling which is typically 60 minute fire rated. Suspended ceilings are suspended on wire hangers wire hung vertically on clips from the secondary beams of the mezzanine floor. The fire rating required for the suspended ceiling obviously restricts and limits the choice of tile available. Most fire rated ceiing tiles have a white fissured pattern.

Cavity barriers are designed to prevent smoke and flames travelling through the cavity between the ceiling and underside of the mezzanine floor structure, and are vertical barriers within the actual ceiling. These will be required if the floor ceiling cavity exceeds 20m in length.

Fire Protection

We provide all columns on your mezzanine floor with fire rated casings that, like the suspended ceiling, protect the steelwork from direct fire damage for a specified length of time. The casings consist of 60 minute fire retardant material (typically “Promalit” or “Alphire”), in a clip on steel casing. The casings can be supplied in a galvanised finish (ideal for storage or warehouse areas), or a white (or coloured) PVC finish, which would typically be used in office or retail environments.

Mezzanine Floors Fire Resistance

To maintain the fire resistance throughout the floor, any open edges around loading areas or stairs are covered with a fire rated fascia system. This is normally installed with “Glasroc Multiboard”, which is a plasterboard type product, or can be supplied in a galvanised, white or coloured PVC steel fascia to match the specification of the columns.

If your building has an existing sprinkler system, you may wish to consider extending this beneath the proposed mezzanine floor. If this is possible then your new mezzanine floor may not have to be fire rated.

Fire Protection

A protected route may be required if offices or a production floor is resident on the new mezzanine structure. Fire rated partitioning and fire rated doors can be installed around one of the proposed staircases in order to provide a protected escape route back to the an existing external fire door.

Part B of the Building Regulations covers fire safety and specifically focuses on fire protection, means of escape and warnings.

You will also need to consider emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarms, and relevant safety signage, as these will all need to be installed.

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